Surprise Boxes in the Mini-Games Section of 8 Ball Pool
  • We just launched a new feature in 8 Ball Pool on mobile Surprise Boxes. Open one up and you'll find some awesome prizes coins, spins, and collectible cues that you can't get anywhere else. Important note: Surprise Boxes are only on 8 Ball Pool mobile for now, but they'll be coming to web soon. This means that any cues you collect on mobile will only be playable on mobile for the time being. When Surprise Boxes are released on web, you will be able to access these cues on both web and mobile.

    You can find Surprise Boxes in the mini-games section of 8 Ball Pool. You can win them as a prize in Spin & Win, or you can buy them for Pool Cash. Surprise Boxes come in three flavours: silver, gold and diamond, with bigger prizes the higher up you go. For example, a Silver box will contain a piece of a Rare cue, and up to 20,000 coins, but a Diamond one gives you a piece of a Legendary cue. If you don't already have 8 Ball Pool, get it free now from the App Store or Google Play. Leave us a comment below or head over to the official forum to chat about this new feature and more.

    The best way to keep yourself honest is to track. Tracking your drills in 8 Ball Pool gives you an absolute measure of your own improvement and lets you know which areas you need to work on most. Tracking is probably the most effective but least utilized technique in practice. It works, there is no question about it. It holds you accountable and is objective and honest. But it is tough to admit your failures and mark them down on a piece of paper. If you can get over it and be honest with yourself, you will see a big improvement in your practice, and in your game. Best and Cheapest 8 Ball Pool Cash For Sale -

    Each Surprise Box you open will contain a piece of an exclusive, collectible cue. These are some of the best and most powerful cues in the game as well as having great stats, they also contain special powers that the cues you're used to don't have. Some of them will give you extra XP when you play, helping you level up faster. Some have no recharge cost, so always stay powered up. Others will even give you some coins back if you lose your game. Have you ever wondered who the best 8 Ball Pool players in the world are? One easy way to tell is in the game itself just open up those Weekly Competition standings and take a look but we've also decided to bring back something that a lot of players have been asking for on our forum and on Facebook. Say hello to the first of our weekly Top 10 Players Leaderboards.

    The Official 8 Ball Pool Forum Cup is a pair of huge 32-person knock-out tournaments one for PC players, one for mobile. Head on over to the thread, take a look at the first post and sign up. We've already got enough PC players, but there are still some spaces open for those who prefer mobile. Even if the tournament is full, keep on signing up, as we'll have a waiting list in case anyone can't compete. We've just launched an official forum for our 8 Ball Pool players. It's a place to talk about the game, organize tournaments or 1v1 matches, make new Pool friends people who make it.

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