Three-track sliding window
  • The three-track sliding window is a sliding window with three pulley tracks. Generally, three or more windows are required to constitute a three-track sliding window. The three-track sliding window opening method is simple and convenient, and cleaning is also convenient. The three-track sliding window can open two-thirds of the space, so that the indoor ventilation effect is better, indoor and outdoor air can be a good convection. Moreover, the three-track sliding window has good sealing performance, dust and moisture are difficult to enter, and its sound insulation effect is also very significant. Due to the installation of the slide rail system, no sound will be emitted when the three-track sliding window is pushed and pulled, and the switch is convenient. The three-track sliding window is also very permeable. It is installed with transparent glass and can provide a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural lighting. It is particularly suitable for installation on windowsills.

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