What Else Happened This Week into POE
  • What Else Happened This Week

    This comes straight from the GGG Community team

    Developer Interview: Felipe - poe orbs Visual Effects - We sat down with one of our new visual effects artists, Felipe, to get the low-down on what his experiences here have been like and a little bit about him.
    Daresso vs. Kaom: Who Would Win? - We've put Kaom and Daresso together in Kaom's arena to see who would be the victor.

    How Weta Workshop Made the Kitava Statue - A video filmed by Weta Workshop featuring creation of Kitava statues for promotional purposes in China.
    Stories from Development: What came from the Original Design? - This post outlines the parts of Path of Exile that came from the original design, and draws attention to a few that we just didn't think of until later.

    Talent Competition Highlights - Recently we started a talent competition, here are some awesome submissions from our players.
    Introducing the Fragment cheap poe orbs Tab - Due to many requests for a way to more efficiently store fragment pieces in stash tabs, we designed a new type of stash tab, the Fragment Tab.BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here now..come on, so thanks!

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