Real-life landmarks are home to Instantfuns and Gyms where you can battle other players

  • Hanke was focused on launching the iOS version of Ingress – an augmented-reality Pokemon game that pits players assigned to one of two sci-fi teams against each other in a worldwide battle to “control” various real-world landmarks – but didn’t forget the reception the April Fool stunt received. Ingress was made by Instantfuns Labs, a startup-within-a-company at Google, and had gained a cult following, but had failed to cross over to a wider audience in the two years since it was launched on Android.

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    I love the fact the game’s areas are mapped in real life, so it’s like following a sat nav trying to find certain locations to find different Pokemon. I also love the slight humour factor to it when you find some in areas you least expect. When you find pokemon online rpg your camera turns on and you have to look around on your screen to see them. It’s quite clever and the only issue is that due to so many people downloading the game the server is always down. I guess it means it’s popular though!

    Google has a long history of taking April Fool’s Day seriously (sometimes to a fault), and that fun easter egg sparked enough of a reaction that it prompted more serious discussions between the tech giant and the Instantfuns Pokemon Company.

    The first the non-gaming world knew of this was on Friday, when, in Wyoming, 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins jumped a fence to capture the Pokemon shown on her smartphone, sending her on a collision course with a dead body.

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    “So once we launched Ingress, we got back in contact with the Instantfuns Pokemon Company,” Hanke says.

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    Real-life landmarks are home to Instantfuns and Gyms where you can battle other players and show your true mastery. But it’s the idea of catching Pokemon in augmented reality, with my phone, that will keep me coming back until the novelty eventually wears off.

    Firing up a Pokemon game that puts Pokemon in the real world should be a joyous occasion after two decades of warm feelings towards the franchise. But there’s always worry when a beloved franchise takes a step into the unknown, and this was no different.

    pokemon mega instantfuns

    If you want to play the game, you can visit:, You also can try our new game: Iron Sky

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